Marco Guaglione: MG Curves


I was born in April 1985 in Roma, Italy. I always had a great passion for comics and illustrations and since I was a child, I tried to follow the style of my favorite artists.

After I completed my studies in Electronic & Telecommunication in 2006, I started to draw my first digital pin ups. After a few months, I got my first collaboration with clients and agencies and I had the opportunity to develop my skills as an illustrator.

Illustration_Keisha_Grey_Tigra copia

After a few years and a constant sense of dissatisfaction, I decided to quit the world of digital art and return to my first love… THE PENCILS. A few years later, after tons of sketches and failures, I can say I mastered this technique.

Illustration_Jessica_Beppler copia

I am working on my first art book, here you can find a selection of my best work, from pencil illustration sketches and my colored pin ups, where I blend my traditional and digital skills. 


For more art, you can find and support Marco on:


Illustration_Victoria_Cakes copia

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