Bradford Middleton

A Miracle on Marine Parade

The walk to work is often a horrible thing
As it always goes the same way, always to the
Same space but now not for much longer, three
More weeks and I’m gone for good.  But
Today was different as I left early to grab a coffee;
A caffeine blast to help me out of my stoned
Stupour and get me through six long hours of
Friday night hell.  The weed had me feeling all
Kinds of funny though as I walked out onto
Marine Parade and saw no traffic so took off
To check out the beach side of the street.  It
Was then she appeared, off in the near-distance
But enough suggested to make me pick up my
Pace.  Ahead my eyes on storks by this point she
Stopped and, clearly forgetting, the shortest of
Short skirts I’d seen in a very long time was all
Between her and a public exhibitionism charge as
She leant down to adjust her trainers and suddenly
There it was, a miracle on Marine Parade, a gorgeous
Pert arse encased in only a golden pair of the
Laciest panties and I suddenly realised that today
May just be a good day indeed.

Of course ten minutes into my shift at work any
Thought of that was dispelled as the first hen party
Laid seige to our wine fridge, clearing shelves of
Prosecco for their final blast of the single free life.

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