Shot by Baker: Lady Lush

Kamikaze Klo 1
“Dream gURL”
Shot on location in Melbourne, Australia

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself how much it would cost for you to show yourself naked on the internet to thousands of people without your face being blurred out?

Is $50 worth getting your top off? What about bending over and spreading your legs? And please remember to smile for the people only identified by a few letters, underscores and numbers who could be illegally recording you to quickly upload to tube sites!

Twitter and Instagram are cracking down on sex workers using social media to advertise to their followers when their next live show or interstate tour dates shall be.

Twitter and Instagram state they’re enforcing community guidelines, not targeting an industry in any way… or are they?

Sex workers are concerned about increasingly being pushed off social media platforms. Between suspended accounts to complete bans, sex workers are feeling unwelcome and having to constantly re-create social media pages to let their fans know that they are still active and available to attend to their short-lived desires.

Recently I had the opportunity to shoot and interview an emerging and popular cam girl, Lady Lush, about her personal brand and experiences in this unforgiving industry. Read on for more below….


kk13 copy

SbB: How does nude modelling impact your life on a personal level?

LL: Nude modelling has impacted my life in all positive ways! Initially it was to confront my body image issues due to pregnancy. I am now a lot more confident to be in my own skin. I am body positive in a way I have never been in my whole life and I’ve got to meet the most amazing people along the way!


SbB: How important is social media for models nowadays?

LL: Unless you have a good network of people already, I think social media is the key to really putting yourself out there in order to reach out and network with others in the industry who can contribute to your ambitions and goals in order to help you grow.


SbB: How often do you upload new material to your Only Fans page?

LL: I upload content once or twice weekly.


SbB: Have you ever received gifts from clients and your fan base?

LL: I sure have! It’s such a great feeling knowing that people really appreciate my content and express this through extra tips and lovely gifts. It gives me more of a reason to love doing what I do.


SbB: What are your out-of-pocket costs?

LL: Out of pocket costs goes to outfits, lingerie and props, but it’s all worth it when I see how much my followers love it and tip me extra for it.

Kamikaze Klo bed

SbB: Where do you see your Only Fans modeling going in the future?

LL: I am so content where I am right now because I see it as a hobby in which I get paid for. If I can raise my earnings further down the track that would definitely be a bonus!


SbB: Do you consider yourself a porn actress, in a sense?

LL: Initially I thought what I was doing wasn’t classified as porn because it’s always just me, myself and I in all my videos, no men or other babes. But then I realised that playing with kinky sex toys and masturbation is a sub category of porn, so in a sense yes I am a porn actress.

Kloe Kamikaze 1

SbB: Can you share a fun fact about yourself?

LL: Despite my raunchy persona as a sex icon, I know I could appear to be intimidating, but I really am just a nerdy, dopey, loving mother if you get to know me.


More from Lady Lush and Lee Baker below:

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