John Grochalski

tough guy poets knitting circle

it’s always the feminists
that give them shit for being honest

those feminazis with their hairy pits and unshaved legs who don’t understand their place in this literary patriarchy

they just don’t understand what these white male poets are trying to achieve

so they bitch about the feminists online
complain and gripe about the women ganging up on them in their very own tough guy poets knitting circle

one claims he’s too edgy for the masses no one gets him because he’s so raw

if only bukowski would rise from the dead anoint him and set all of these bitches straight

another tough guy poet is mad because those fucking feminists didn’t like his rape poem

the one that was about this girl but really wasn’t

because he changed her name from jess to jane
even though the rest of it he took verbatim from her blog

another one continues to hate the MFA poets he’s hated those effete bastards for years

it’s agreed amongst the knitting circle
that the MFA poets suck
that they’re as bad as the angry women poets

those fucking feminazis!
i’m a dish washer, one tough guy poet writes

so everything i put down on paper is authentic and real

fuck that, another misunderstood wordslinger posts i drive a truck, so that makes me the chosen one

yeah, well, i worked in the warehouses, another chimes in that is, until i got my cushy librarian job

but i’ll still take any fucker in a bar

fucking feminazis, they all write
lest they forget the purpose of this little gathering of brilliance

occasionally a woman poet will chime in
usually it’s something about how those feminazis are giving them all a bad name

real women aren’t like that, those enchantresses write

the tough guy poets knitting circle revel in those comments it proves their point entirely

people are just so easily offended everyone is so PC these days

the rape poem was a joke, the one poet says a commentary on the way the world works

how could she not see it that way?

and that poem about my ex-girlfriend’s smelly snatch man, that was just me saying shit for my art

no one gets art anymore, they agree

only the tough guy poets knitting circle understand what it takes to make great art

because they are all so edgy and raw and gut-wrenching and direct

only they can appreciate the appetites of jackson pollock

who killed art? they ask amongst themselves it must be the feminists

those feminazis who are giving true women a bad name

it always comes back to them
with their ancient gloria steinem bullshit
with their scratched ani difranco cds and butch tattoos with their small tits and penis envy
with their aggressive and pushy personalities
with their inability to take a joke

those feminists simply don’t know how penetrating and genuine the tough guy poets knitting circle is
because they can’t see beyond their own anti-male agenda

those tongue-pierced cretins who never understood hemingway those plain-faced haters who never understood saint bukowski

who hate all men
who are all secretly lesbians

those traitorous cunts who just want to turn and fuck the tough guys wives and girlfriends behind their backs

while the real men are off writing poems

about how hard it is these days being a visceral tough guy poet

the accusers and the victims
in a gender-wide conspiracy butthurt

pawns in world that fails to see them as true masters of the universe bathed in all the brilliant white light

of pure genius.

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