Stephanie Wytovich

Vicious Girls


creatures are what they are—

violent Eves, rotten apples,

victimized damsels, Salem witches;

they bit the snake that fed them

drank his poison,

pulled out his fangs

and now they bleed,

they bleed once a month for his death,

the death of the devil who cursed their wombs

for they are vicious,

they are venomous

they are women,

and they will wait,

patient and persistent,


and damned

and they will sing,

sing in covens, sing in brothels,

sing for men,

sing for whores

and their words will kill

they will damn

they will puncture

for they sing with lips,

lips not of mouth but of sex

sex that weakens, that confuses,

that traps

and once they have you

have you between their legs,

they will kill you,

they will eat you,

and they will love you

the only way

that they know how

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