Judson Michael Agla

When We Were Dogs

Do you remember when we were dogs?
Fighting for every scrap of flesh and bone
While the protesters screamed for a freedom
they’d never known and would never have
The powers that be just didn’t have the machinery,
or the will to build it.
We were happy in the dirt.
Breaking the necks of vultures
Who were they to starve us?
Who were they to take our bones?
Times were simple.
Until your rising
When my wounds were still open
You left the dirt to transform the world.
All you got was a chainsaw
and a rusty pail full of empty promises.
It wasn’t just bones buried in the dirt.
You didn’t understand that we were surfacing history.
The only truth is that it’s real.
So, tell me; tell me from your podium,
flags blowing behind you, and the starving at your feet.
Do you remember when we were dogs? 

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