Bradford Middleton

Been Drinking Most of the Day

I sit here tonight
Writing these words
Like I dream as they
Come to me
Telling me the way
Telling me the truth 
As the bar suited me earlier
& tonight I know,
It’s just gone 8 and it’s
Time to do this.
I shall sit here and write
As I drink my wine and
Smoke my smoke and 
Beautiful serenity comes
To bless my soul.  The 
Bar closes at 10 but I
Get in about 2 when
The crowds are few
And the freaks are more
And life is beautiful as
I drink the drink and 
Very occasionally step 
Foot outside to smoke
A bad-boy and then 
Run off home with
The thought, hot-damn
50p pints tomorrow and
After that a day hungover
At work before, hallelujah
A few days to work on
This god-damn novel.

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