Dan Cuddy

Even the moon is hiding tonight

Even the moon is hiding tonight
Thieves are unscrewing, detaching everything
The walls are coming down,
Secrets are dancing in the street
In the few streetlights still blooming pallid flowers of light
There is thunder in the sky
There is sobbing and crying somewhere, everywhere
All directions the human is suffering
Why did we lose our souls
No one believes in immortal things
Everything is cheap and made of tin
Not even a good echo for a dropped coin
And a man’s word is as hollow as a cave
We are all enslaved to our seven vices and hundred devices
Bombing the city with ingenuity
How tricked we are looking for our own images in mirrors
We have become vampires and screech like Covid infected bats
Our eyes are cold with either fear or indifference
Our minds want to blow up the world
Hallelujah nuclear suicide
There will be an empire ruled by death
Not a thing will move
Cockroaches will glow until they slow and
Turn on their backs, useless legs twitching
Itching in agony as the darkness brightens, lightens
With radioactive rain

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