Nathaniel Sverlow

bedside manner

“I’m going to put
a finger 
in your ass!”

moving her other hand
down my balls

“the hell you are!”
I say, jumping up

“c’mon, it’ll feel good”

“so help me,
if one cuticle
makes it in,
I’ll slap you
into next year”

her fingers trailed down
my taint

“you think I’m bluffing??”

“I think you’re curious”

she pressed against
my hole,
pushed in,
and I slapped her 
off the bed

“what’d you think?”
she said,
climbing back up

we both looked down
at my cock
and spitting
like a madman

“ah, hell,” I said,
“let’s give it 
another shot”

“I told you
it’d feel good”

“you sure did,

and she shoved it in
this time

and I squealed 
like a stuck pig

and she laughed
like I had it coming

for my poor
bedside manner

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