Ken Kakareka

Purple Tea 

My wife’s 
got me 
purple tea. 
Her Tia 
swears by it – 
heals everything
your whole system – 
cures cancer! 
She gave 
my wife 
a huge 
brown paper bag 
of leaves. 
My wife 
boils them 
in a pot 
extracts the tea 
and stores it 
in mason jars. 
Over time, 
it condenses 
into this 
thick purple stuff 
that tastes 
like dirt water. 
I have to 
infuse it 
with honey 
and pinch 
my nose 
when I down it. 
It’s not bourbon! 
my wife jokes. 
Sip it! 
But there’s 
no enjoying 
this stuff. 
It’s old age 
in a mug 
its way down 
my throat 
and landing 
where the bourbon 
once was. 

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