J.J. Campbell

one last run at greatness

the spanish princess is 
a vision in red

the gasoline to my desires

the energy propping up 
this old soul for one last 
run at greatness

suicide lovers racing against 
time, against all the powers 
that be

trying to prove love can still 
find a light in a world of darkness

reaching for a sun that gives 
more than just cancer

a sweet kiss on the edge 
of the night

endless miles between us

hope a flailing mistress 
in the wind

you live by the sword, you sadly 
know how you are going to die

a field of black roses

a sunset on the western plain

you once had a dream that 
your lover took you to the 
mountains and made love 
to you before the lions came 
to eat you

welcome to a brand-new tomorrow

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