C. Renee Kiser

Neo(n) Highlighter

After I sat for years and years
in my own brain stew,
I could so easily absorb your energy-
forget myself, and hate you

only care to thank you.

Your tongue-be-damned-smirks
Sinister hush-hush
Your psycho-circus alluring-quirks
Drama pit rush-rush

Carried on and on, truth be told;
You never made a lick of sense
A lost soul who doesn’t dare decide,
fucking ‘em all on the fence

You branded me DEAD and
vultures sure circled in my sky
But the sun burst me into flames
as my nightmare was clarified…

Just another plastic heart, sent
and fresh off the assembly line
Karma may be a bitch, but she cheers
for me as we drink elderberry wine

Bored with the shade of boy toys
I now want the tree with deep roots
After you highlighted my wings,
I could take off my heavy boots

only want to thank you. Cheers.

(Blows kiss)

So, I accept your ‘Darkness’,
darling, and never my defeat
How could I ever hate The One
who lifted me up off my feet?

From the forthcoming indie chapbook, NOT YOUR KIND: The Gaslit Files

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