HST: Prose in Poor Taste, Vol. 3

The long-awaited 3rd volume of HST: Prose in Poor Taste has finally arrived!

Featuring work by Jason A. Feingold, Ben Fitts, James Babbs, John Yohe, Matthew Licht, Victor Cass, Elizabeth Bedlam, Zane Castillo, Anthony Dirk Ray, Judge Santiago Burdon, Ronan Cartwright, Kiki Von Kristmass, Kevin Brown, Eric Lawson, Judson Michael Agla, Tim Frank, Stuart Stromin, David Thomas Peacock, David O. Hughes, Duncan Ros, Charles Austin Muir, David Wesley Hill, Sean M.F. Sullivan, Kevin M. Flanagan, Ve Wardh, Jonathan Woods, Earl Javorsky, and Joseph Farley.


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