C. Renee Kiser


Joke is
on him…

Added me to his collection
crooked cabinet, another shot glass
I vowed to forget his erection
and his clown shoe up my tiny ass
Sold me a smile and a fantasy
Every laugh so calculated
But I went hunting for a story
Served my heart, so he ate it

Now I don’t blame a dog
for being a dog,  lessons tethered
But a dog can’t beat a wolf
He’ll be sorry he ever endeavored
Took the bait and seemed convinced
that he raped me of my sanity
Joke is — a poet’s born unhinged
to report the punchline of society

(walk the dog or wear the collar…)

zig zag reality, how long can we
drown in self-deception, open
the doors of perception… and we
(wolves) accept and howl, beholden

Cheers to the hungry, lost dogs
I hope you find a home, you know
I hope you get a good bath —
Get shined up one day and glow
I used to be a lost dog in gloom
but I’ve been a wolf for a while,
returning my hunger to the moon
I don’t beg and I hunt with style

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