Donna Dallas

It’s So Damn Long

When night shrieks in 
skirts the very edge
of my nervous system
six degrees below zero
truckstop baren
a penny for any lonely man’s thoughts
who venture 
in to Sally’s Gas Station

I pine for the dawn
watch for skeletons lurking
in doorways
of surrounding hollowed out buildings
a great horned owl
screeches past me 
attempts feebly to solve its hunger problems
or die quietly in some slovenly hovel

Bones littered about 
beer bottles
some old stuffed teddy bear
so worn and dirt trodden
it became its own disease
Ima die out here…….eventually
after a certain number of shooting stars
die in their blaze of glory straight over the mountain tops
its scrawled somewhere
under my rib cage
like a barcode

Jesus sends an angel 
every so often 
to give a scan check
when I feel that heat
a smile cracks my frozen face
I’ll stare up at those billions of stars
every one of em named by Jesus
every one of em a fiber of this long-ass night

Look north 
the mountains glare threatening
ain’t no home in those hills
but I watched a few takers 
locked and loaded
with knapsacks and water bottles
take the trek with stubborn praise
not one sorry sap made it back

Some stars are born to glory
some are deadass blazers
until they fade
to space dust

Ima stay right here
watch the stars drip down
dead and alive
into this gorge of Edom
brimming with agony

Set myself up
with my teddy
wait for my star to turn

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