Damon Hubbs


after Thom Gunn’s ‘Expression’

for several months I’ve been reading
the poetry of my juniors
or maybe they’re my contemporaries
it’s hard to tell 

who’s who these days
there’s so many voices 
battling in best of 
the beat cover bands

and there’s still much talk 
of Mother, the abandoner
and Daddy, the angry alcoholic 
both hated equally

all that hatred 
was confessed better 
long ago.  

I go to the Art Museum 
though I’m not sure what it is 
I’m looking for 

Pop Art 
doesn’t pop 
and Impressionism 
fails to make 
an impression 

then I reach it, I recognize it

I’ve acquired a taste 
more primary than art considers proper
so I head out the emergency exit 
to find a blowjob and a sandwich.  

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