Damon Hubbs


the bounce house smells like piss
they’re pissing themselves 
now, the kids 

hopping around 
after mainlining 
hot sunflat coke

snot helicoptering 
like the oversized greenery 
hung like vegetable chandeliers 
from the rent-a-tent

‘a bunny-theme,’ eyes roll
& members of the Rainforest Alliance 
tisk tisk the Mylar balloons
‘End up in the ocean.’

Cries, two teeth 
asphalted & blood, lots of it
cheese pizza vomit clogs 
the pool drain 

more kids, more piss
the bounce house wheezes 
like Baby Jane huffing menthols

after cake 
dads wheel out
Tundras packed w IPA

jackhammer moms 
Yeti butt like sorority girls 
& a game of pin-the-tail 
is underway

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