Preacher Allgood

Pandora awaits

bald rubber
frays on all four wheels
black smoke pours
from the tail pipe
and rusted out fenders flap
with the ruts in the road
but you jam
the old half ton ford
in granny low
and let her crawl up the road
while you hop out
unzip your jeans
and piss

what’s the point of living
if you can’t freak out the neighbors 

they built that big house
up on the hill and watch over everything
they call the sheriff
every time somebody sneezes
they host lavish parties
for the connected and the pompous
and they’re scheming to buy 
the property you rent

finish your pee
hop back in
shift to second
spin the tires
and pepper their mailbox
with gravel and mud

what were you put here to do
if not get under the skin of the pious

but it’s lunch time
enough with the petty subversions
Pandora O’Jesus awaits
in her usual booth by the juke box
and she’s already ordered 
your double cheeseburger and cold draft beer

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