Daniel S. Irwin

So Cool

Aw, man, you are so cool.
At least, that’s what you tell everybody.
Some people are goofy enough to believe it.
You spout some words that don’t mean shit
Tryin’ to entice some ho to wrap her long legs
Around your head and koochie-koochie her
Taint in yo face so she can alternate pressin’ her
Cunt and her asshole in your face.
You don’t mind if she’s not all that clean
And don’t wipe away her crap so well
That it smears across her butt cheeks,
In turn, smearing across your face.
Jizz leakin’ from an encounter before you
Just tastes like prison juice.
Yeah, bitch, you so cool, you deserve
A face smeared with shit while you profess
To be better than everybody else.
Talk shit, loser, crawl back under your rock.

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