Ryan Quinn Flanagan

Bumming Smokes

He waited 
until she was in the bathroom
to rifle through her purse.

Emptying her pack of smokes
out on the floor
in a line 
before pulling down his shorts
resting his body weight on his hands
and running his bum cheeks 
back and forth over her cigarettes.

Then he quickly gathered them up,
put the smokes in their original pack
and placed it back in her purse.

When she returned from the bathroom,
there was grease on her face 
like a dirty fryer.

She spoke about a Rorschach test
the whitecoats wanted her to take.

But this was his moment,
the Time of a great man!

Any man could bum a single smoke,
he thought.
But an entire pack at one time,
I think not.

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