Devlin De La Chapa

For the Love of Fuck Poetry & Orgasmic Prose

I want to ride it
slip those wet panties off my hips,
grip that elongated pistol whipped
then glide
my pussy all over its tip
leave a trail of slut cum hot
tell me not
what this body can do for my cuntry 
but what you can do for this cunt
this isn’t
a demo-cock-cracy or 
a mc-cunt-thyism hump
this is me
on your saturday night
a red, white and patriot blue bitch
your bitch,
who truly wants to subdue you
with her suck n’ blow itch
in her one nation
under your god-like bod, please, baby…
for the love of fuck poetry & orgasmic prose
kiss me with your best verse

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