Devlin De La Chapa

Straight Roll Me Some Bangkok Sevens

Debbie did Dallas an’ you can’t go ask Alice
what’s down the black rabbit hole
unless she’s strappin’ liquid gold
inside her suicidal cunt
the last I saw her tho, she was token
on a triple X ‘tasy blunt
with the Ron’s and the Jeremy’s
cock’s more massive than my inner savage
ravagin’ me, and my thoughts have no manners
‘specially when you’re sittin’ there eyein’ my distress
arms folded against your chest … and your biceps
got my soiled lips gyratin’ in between my hips
yeah, Baby, love, I can feel the heat off your heat
masturbatin’ behind your juicy boy jeans
I can bet my life you fuck like a machine
more ruthless than those dildos strapped 
to steel poles where bitches open wide
as those barbaric men slip those rubber dicks inside
depressin’ those hard buttons, whippin’ that zombie pussy
into nothin’ but the wrath coagulatin’ n’ constrictin’
behind somethin’ you couldn’t grasp
not even by the dominance of your shaft ’cause I’m blinded
with such a fury I’m liable to choke rather
than to provoke you into a penile cardiac stroke; 
but hold still to the will of my violence settlin’ in
’cause I don’t want to please ya, in honesty
I don’t really need ya but damn you got me burnin’ hot
and those witchy tubes strapped to my bitchy lubes
need a good lynchin’ like an asphyxiation
the need to feel your strangulation six feet below with
tool’s hummin’ and a strummin’ ‘neath a lyrical undertow
but as Susie weeps with her band of fans & banshees
let it be known it’s all about me
so fuck all this carnal despair
will you be a good gentleman and take me there
to the Devil’s casino, I want to cast its dice  
and straight roll me some Bangkok sevens
tonight I want to see your Hells repent with my orgasmic Heavens 

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