Mike Zone

Couldn’t do it

(for Dillinger)

“fire your art director” she ordered
“I can get you places”
“You need me”
“I’m in marketing, sex sells, your covers are unappealing”
25 years old
she had the manuals
the finished product
existence complete
“fire your art director”
we smoked some pot
she drank
I had been booze free
26 days
now narc dazed
“Almost 26 and a professional…fire your art director.”
she sucked me off
tried to stay only to hear her talk and demand
“We’ll be unbeatable, go places you could never go. Fire your art director.”
I got up
put my clothes back on
gathered my grinder, 
my vape
my edibles
wallet and keys
(didn’t want this to be the most expensive blowjob ever)

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