Omar Alexandre

A Misconstrued Kindness

the big red muscle is on sabbatical
it took another dig at an empty human
a tainted canvas with damaging emerald eyes 
pulling the trigger has always been easy 
aiming is the problem and there’s only 
so many times that i can blow my brains out 
before i actually blow my brains out
but i’m not there yet so instead 
i’ll splatter my brain on to the page
and write about how cruel you were 
and title it after something stupid you said like 
a misconstrued kindness 
i guess i don’t know anything anymore 
maybe i really have lost my mind 
i’ve grown too old and 
the heart isn’t what it used to be 
the orchestra has been replaced by a dj
and now there is nothing left but rot and bones
a bad copy of the original barely crippling by
just trying to forget
and trying to remember how to do it all over again 
because the truth is little is known 
why a small thought of you
amounts to a drastic night filled 
with bad poetry 

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