Andy Seven

The Sewing Circle

There was a three-story house in the old town burg
sewing machines in the windows
none of them worked
Men of all types rolled up the stairs
Madame Lombard’s blind whorehouse
all the ladies were blind
white, black, yellow
mostly young, very young girls
some older ladies who had no place to go
women the wind forgot
forgotten by the sea
forgotten by the burning sun

The blind ladies in waiting
egg timers by the nightstand
ring ring your hour’s up pay up

Sightless girls 
smelling and hearing
sweaty fat men
grunting and belching
putting it in drunk and bleary
skinny nervous men
apologizing, cursing, sometimes crying
“No, you can’t kiss me”
this one’s really small
this one’s way too big
small and thick with the bullfrog blues
men without a past
men without a future 
all dancing a swirly little dance
until the big bad wolf
burned their house in  

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