Daniel S. Irwin

Only Sleeping

He is not dead.
He is only sleeping.
That’s why he hates it
When the cat wakes
Him up by pushing
Its ass into his face.
Varmint!  Good thing
He doesn’t sleep with
His tongue hanging out.
Sometimes he does
If he’s really zonked.
The usual story of a
Life of disappointment.
Bad women and good booze.
Or was it/is it/could it be
Good women and bad booze?
The only time he got the two matched
Was bad women and bad booze
Amounting to kicks to the head
And mornings full of sorrow.
Good women and good booze
Was only at church communion.
But heathens don’t go there
And ain’t no Flowers of the Altar
Come to save him from himself.
It’s the Devil’s life and the Devil’s plan.
He’s nothin’ more than a mortal man.

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