Marc Blackie

Inevitable Silence

Inevitable Silence – A cold dose of erotica for the discerning insomniac.

‘Inevitable Silence’ is the new short film from Marc Blackie, who has graced the pages of HST more than a few times in the past.  For those who may be unaware of his work it has, rather inelegantly though not inaccurately been described as ‘…though directed by David Lynch with a hard on’ and can be thought of as an uncomfortable stew of despondent erotica, with a dash the surreal and awkward.

The current film, which features ten performers largely shot in their own homes during the 2020/2021 lockdowns is a critique of sorts of a dozen condescending sleep hypnosis sessions, with a pessimistic narrator guiding the listeners through a murky unconsciousness:

Allow me to guide you as you drift off, like a discarded prophylactic in an overflowing gutter.

Downwards to a level that will help you to sleep, to relax, to cancel and void.

Focus on the words, allow their meanings to pierce and burrow into you. 

You need to remember that nothing can save you. 

Prepare yourself for total abandonment. 

Be like a fatherless child. 

Be as alone as you possibly can be and then find a way to increase your isolation. 

Think of the slight sound your mother let escape from her mouth on the moment of the first kiss upon your father’s lips and how it is implicated in the dirt beneath your fingernails and the teaming bacteria in your saliva. 

These words drift over a series of scenes involving various UK adult performers, models or friends of the director as well as two cats, a dog, several snakes and a talking inflatable Japanese sex doll.

The film will be premiering at the Polish Post Porn Film Festival in June before getting an online release with further information and a trailer available at 

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