James Diaz

I’ll Leave it at That 

What are birds
In the night 
If not air’s flat iron 
Of bone, the river’s mercy 
Sings, a darker cadence – 
Do you know
The place I mean
No trains run there
There are no birds to speak of.

At first glance the world is always terrifying 
Then beautiful, then terrifying again – 
Where do they put all of the things we’ve seen
After we go, who will speak of the snow
That fell across our life
In perfect layers of mute blue hush

It’s dark 
Here. It is morning.
It is almost as it never was.

I was happy to have seen 
What little of the world I saw.
Pain gave me more than it took.

There was never enough beauty 
For any of us.

I could say more
But the words don’t feel right. 
I’ll leave it at that.

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