James Diaz

When You Don’t Know The Why 
or The Way of It

how the wind tail-ends
across the rivets 
of the George Washington 
how there is so much more of everything 
underneath all of this

a child crosses her heart and hopes to try
and remember these things
that no one else can see

and pain will replace it
we know this
but there is a sweet spot 
between then and now
hovering like god’s own 
across the water 

we are not so great, you and I
but we are sturdy
at times
do the right thing 
by accident 
time and place 
rhythm and swarm 

in spring 
the earth pulses
with it
and winter will replace it
we know this
but for now there’s a wild blooming
things are born
and torn 

the prayers you say in the morning 
are always easier than the ones 
you say at night 

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