Daniel S. Irwin

Good Times at Ralph’s Place

Lesser pseudo sub-mutant quasi-low life underling
Rated six levels below sun dried dog shit parasites,
But even though that was the general consensus,
The group’s collective opinion, still they didn’t mind
A semi-pro chicken neck queen doin’ the whole team.
Dudes just hangin’ out on a dull weeknight boozin’
With this, the only woman there, late of a dive bar,
Now down on her knobby knees suckin’ to please.
True colors were shown when the time finally came
For pay off and no guy there would give her a screw.
They all laughed. She ran out angry, vowing revenge.
Yeah, always good times at Ralph’s place.  Great fun.
But, cryin’ time, later, with all the slashed car tires.

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