J.J. Campbell

a punch to the dick

these are the nights that apathy tastes
like the first time your grandmother 
gave you a sip of gin

the poison that would run through 
your veins the rest of your life

yet watching the woman of your dreams 
walk away haunts every dream

each step a punch to the dick

trying to pen the perfect poem at three 
in the morning while needing to take 
a shit in some sleazy motel in the 
middle of nowhere

the poet never gets the girl

only gets to listen to the stories of the 
popular fucks and turn them into the 
assholes they deserve to be

look out your window and watch a cat 
chase a bird as a butterfly chokes on 
a hazy summer nightmare

there once was promise in those skies

now, you only think about how soon 
does death greet you in the middle 
of the night

another glass of gin

you’ve been preparing for this
all your life

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