Charles Rammelkamp

The Sex Nerve

After a series of cat-cows,
followed by downward dogs and cobra pose,
Kevin instructed us to do long deep breathing 
while we clutched our ankles,
bent over in butterfly pose.

“It’ll help loosen your lower back,
opens your hips, 
and works on what the yogis call
the sex nerve,” he informed us.

The sex nerve? He made it sound mysterious,
an ancient Vedic rite only for the initiated.
The Land of Lingam and Yoni.

“Interlace your hands under your pinky toes,”
he went on, “Elongate and straighten your spine.”
But I was still stuck on “the sex nerve.”
What the hell was it?
What did it do?
I thought of the Kama sutra,
those acrobatic sex poses,
the promise of endless orgasms.
I looked over at Melanie, pulling herself down
so her head nestled on her knees.
What exactly was her sex nerve up to now?

But then Kevin had us back on our feet,
arms aimed front and back in a T, 
front knee bent in Warrior II, 
followed by Triangle pose.

Later I’d look it up, 
but all I got was scientific jive
about the pudendal nerve, the pelvic nerves,
the hypogastric nerve (thoracolumbar sympathetic),
components of the autonomic system.

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