J.J. Campbell

that must be the gin talking

and here comes the spanish princess

she kisses you on the cheek and 
whispers how you have become
the world’s biggest asshole

you laugh and think that must
be the gin talking

you never remember that the story 
books of your childhood never 
had a happy ending

there was no royal ride into some 
beautiful sunset with the love 
of your life

there was always a bottle of scotch

a pretty lady you have mistaken as 
a hooker and some beauty in the 
corner with eyes that will haunt 
you until well after your death

she is nothing but trouble so, 
of course, she has to be yours

heartbreak is the dull side of the knife

eventually the scars become so damn 
numb to the pain that you no longer 
understand what pain actually is

and eventually

that sociopath gets to come out 
and be comfortable

unaware of any damage or any 
amount of hurt that persists


just like love

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