Timothy Arliss OBrien

Orbiting Bodies

Falling in love,
Isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Not as easy as falling into a stranger’s bed.
(The only place I want to be)

At first the head spins,
And then the heart pounds.

And the juices flow,
And the pulse moves south.

Love knows what it wants,
And so does my heart.

But sometime I can’t hear it
Because of how tight my pants get,
And how loud my need to breed.

I’ve been so desperate I’ve fucked a helpless twink
Against an overflowing urinal in a filthy Vegas club.
(strike that: help-full twink)

I’ve also been elbow deep in a stranger, while balls deep in his throat,
Looking at the proverbial fourth wall
Telling the audience:
Now you might be wondering how I got in this position.

And I made both cum faster than I could’ve ordered another drink at the bar.

I’ve also bloodied my knees several evenings gulping down over a dozen cocks in one sitting
Lust drunk and ready to swallow every flood as the levees and dams burst.

Bodies in lust trip over one another trying to get to the finish line together.

Cheering and basking in a puddle post-coital
is an addiction,
And trust me I don’t fucking need rehab.

What I need is you to get out of my face so I can go to the parking lot and enjoy this blunt.

Round two starts in half an hour. 

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