Niklas Stephenson

Character to Ashes

Neon lights above sizzling feet carrying horny cocks
on abusive asphalt
sex crazed civilization on top of depraved nature
little girls drenched in promiscuity smelling for the
sweat of desperation
the weakest mammals are willing to fuck anything
hunters and gatherers in reverse
gold diggers hunting for gatherers of exclusive cash
machine jizz rubbing it in pockets and mouths
living life stroking the shaft in desperation to become
desperate enough for the cheap perfume scum leg
spreading fuck anyone with a note in his pocket type.
the hipster nights start cycle of victims to fuck or be
fucked doesn’t matter
as long as the world is watching
on screens and in their sweaty palms
creating absence of reality
gangraping culture with minds of cock and pussy and
cash and self presentation
a waterfall of dhiarretic words and images ready to
drench those in the alleys away from the neon lights
and abusive asphalt
a bush in the wind of the nonsensical
ready to set fire before the world burns to ashes
suburban parents film their kids ride tricycles into
the pits of our hell with a smile on their face ready
to upload “here false gods of profit here is the next
craving fiend for your matchbox of personality
apocalypse, I hope he sparks!”
neon lights flicker and flashing
character to ashes sourcing power

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