Dana Jerman

Natal Chart of the Scammer

…our poisoned mothers touched dicks and you oozed out. An antibirth of piss-froth like a sick green worm. Wow, here you are again and look, I’m sitting in your mother’s open tongueless rotted swallow-pit while she fester-bleeds from the eyes and let’s me slice-fuck her fast with a razor in her slack pussy, rubberized and morbid from disease. Her corpse is my candy and you’re a halfwit bastard from a blind whore-hole. God disdains your filthy shit brown blood, your life is a wasted harvest. Endless yawning trash packed with maggots and convex with flies. Bloated and useless as a gangrened gash. Wet with the pus of unending infection.

Fucking your dumb trick mouth, my rabid cock fills your neck. My jism polishes the worthless wax-packed drooping hairy insides of your ears, exploding like a hundred boils gravid with hot blister-bile. Splashing the walls of your spit-dung hut, you and your mother, wretched on all fours. Naked sightless bitch hounds clawing at fetid fecal- dirt with bleeding cracked black nail beds, the rust of your choked speech like howling vomit, you’ll never forget how…

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