J.J. Campbell

flows like water

i had a friend tell me 
years ago, if i was serious
about suicide i should write 
the note in blood
this is what happens when 
the gin flows like water
old girlfriends have nothing 
but evil dripping out of
their eyes
dead grandparents start 
telling stories from the 
great depression
the old poets will make 
you understand what 
heartbreak really is
and your lady of the night
her lips will taste like
what hope used to be
you feign choking on
your own brilliance
an old trick learned
back when your ego 
was still unbreakable
now that fucker is riddled
with so many bullets the 
alcohol never stays in
put up a good fight
and never forget 
you always have an irish 
goodbye tucked in your 
back pocket

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