Wes Janson

The Bicycle Ride

I woke up this morning
And washed my face
Then I stepped outside
Willing to embrace…

Another day
Shining bright and clear
With beautiful memories
That I hold so dear

The day was too lovely
To stay inside
So I decided to go
For a bicycle ride

I felt so happy and so complete
As I peddled my bicycle
Down the street

And the warmth of the sun
Made me feel so free
With blessings of hope
And endless glee

And the feeling inside
Was ever so bright
As the coming of dawn
Had taken over the night

And I knew there was something
From which I had gone astray
Something I missed
Because I had looked away

But I found it again
And words couldn’t explain
How the rays of light
Had shown through the rain

Because I already knew
All the answers I sought
So I cast off the burden
Of my repetitive thought

And there was no longer a need
For me to look to the skies
Because it was only the light
Reflecting off of my eyes

And I no longer question
The absolute presence
Of the formless truth
Behind eternal essence

And I remember the past
Because I can finally see
That I took many roads
On my way to destiny

And as the light and the love
Kept growing inside
I began to realize
That I can no longer hide

For what we all have
And the reasons we care
Points to our main purpose
Which is to selflessly share

And when inner-love
Is outwardly projected
We know the truth
That we are all connected

And then I began
To be honest with Wes
And I had an Epiphany
That words can’t express

A realization
To which I’d been blind
Always known by my heart
Never known by my mind

And when I knew the truth
I felt free as a bird
But I didn’t realize
I had ran into a curb

I flew off my bike
And smashed into a wall
Only scraped one of my knees…
But punctured both of my BALLS!

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