Carrie Magness Radna

The Sapphire Room 

On Friday afternoon, after  
crossing the Queensboro Bridge  
into Manhattan, 

I’m too distracted by 
Britney Spears’s super mega hit 
“…Baby one more time.” 

Looking down from the Queensboro Bridge, 
I feel a little sinful riding an Uber 
as I imagine half-naked women hitting it— 

Next door to the 
Primal Cut Steakhouse  
is the Sapphire Room. 

Steak, ass & tits a-plenty  
each Saturday night  
by the East River— 

Can you imagine  
seeing these girls 
bump, grind & shake? 

I am somewhat curious  
about these women 
born in the ‘90s 

strutting with their God-given gifts 
(later in silicone) to “It’s Britney, bitch!” 
when they were little children. 

Now they give all the Johnnies hard-ons 
before they can dig in 
for some hot, red meat. 

How easy is it 
to captivate  
their attention? 

Even ordinary girls 
need some action 
& a tender touch— 

Leave Britney alone. 
She’s a grown woman  
with a lotta shit to do. 

We can dance 
to the steamy beat 
with our own moves— 

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