Jeff Weddle

What to Watch For

Killers with small knives 
obscure poisons known to the elect 
photographs deciphered and burned 
one bullet left in one revolver 
a woman somewhere afraid and hidden 
friendships tested and found wanting 
betrayal behind a mask 
the dream of a final score 
the dream of victory
the dream of nothing 
killers with ropes 
killers with blunt objects
killers with blank faces 
bounced checks and no time left
delicious whiskey in dangerous bars
cigarettes smoked in the dark
confidences shared with pretty strangers
the child hidden well enough
easy money
easy love
easy the vanishing 
hope left in a sack in the woods
dismembered items
lovely auburn hair
shooting stars 
rage, tears, catastrophe 
the perfect moment 
the leaving 
the lovely eyes
never seen again

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