John Tustin


Why must humor and pathos
Always be holding hands?

Life is a comedy 
And God is the audience.

The sunflowers point toward the sun
Only to burst into flame.

The darkness comes
As darkness must

And the blankets fail to warm
As they always fail to warm.

The sun comes up
And it’s just coffee and sadness.

Another day of this.
Another day of that again and again.

God is smiling. God is laughing.
God is pointing. God is mocking.

Jesus is crying. Jesus is pleading.
Jesus is angry but Jesus is obeisant.

This world is too much God
And nowhere near enough Jesus.

This world is too much
And nowhere near enough.

God laughs on his throne
And Jesus cries, writhing there alone

And I just pretend I’m moving forward
Toward something good.

Ha ha
The joke’s on me.

Ha ha
Ha ha ha ha.

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