Jeff Weddle

Breaking News

Starvation and our minds gone hollow. 
The butcher hates the baker 
and the candlestick maker 
is packing heat. 

Half of us are crazy 
and the rest are bone stupid. 

The wisdom of the ages goes begging 
as we leer at young beauties 
on computer screens 
and wait for the next big movie to drop. 

Starvation and dim vision. 
The corner bakery is a distant memory.

The hospitals are broken 
and all the good songs are lost.

School children wander, 
aimless and hollow-eyed.

In various dark places, 
my countrymen prepare bombs, 
then celebrate birthdays and weddings, 
and all of that, just as they always did.

All parties end. 
Just ask Rome and John Wayne Gacy.

Starvation and laughter. 

The flies are in the web 
and the spiders are fat with plenty.

That’s how it is.
Please kill the lights, 
or something, 
when you leave.

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