Andy Seven

All The Madwomen (Shock Corridor)

Creeping up a dark crooked staircase
pushing on a large steel door
opened up to a cracked linoleum floor
it was an empty room of women
all the madwomen
one sat in a rocking chair
singing lullabies to a doll with no eyes
and one arm missing
another laughed hysterically at me
choking on her laughter
tears rolling down her face
in cascades of pain

Hearts scrawled all over the walls
boys’ names scrawled in crayons HARRY ADAM DAVID CHUCK
a girl stared into nowhere
tearing hair from her head
whispering He Loves Me He Loves Me Not
the little black one baring her teeth at me
pushing me in the back
hissing I’m sick of your shit ya hear?

The cracked window high above
pouring broken light into the gloom
there was the blonde
who slapped me over and over 
a few clawed between their legs 
vigorously rubbing their vaginas
bright red raw 
mangling their breasts
as their tongues mechanically rolled around their lips
moaning like cows in an abattoir

The room heated up and manic musk filled the room
they moved in and
circled all around me
pushing me down and grabbing my sex
kissing and licking and biting me
like piranhas
a swirling maelstrom of hair and teeth
I screamed and screamed
the last thing I heard
was Daddy I love you

2 thoughts on “Andy Seven

  1. I’ve never seen “Shock Corridor.” Your poem forced me to watch clips on youtube. One of the clips was titled “Nymphos in an insane asylum.” Great poem! It seems like a prequel to Nurse Ratched.

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