Casey Renee Kiser

B U R N 

I fell in love with a con man
He conned me outta some smiles 
and a few flighty years
a storyteller never allows a single smile
to go to waste
He tried to steal my spine
cause he didn’t have his own
I thought I heard him roar once
Turns out,
it was just the television
He’s got fire in his birth chart –
a flirty, flaunting Leo is a good time
But this particular would-be king
is fueled by some quite
passion – that tiny
 jawbreaker heart 
on fire
destroys everything in its path
like a bowling ball knocking down the girls
blazing down the alley
with a passive aggressive ball drop

And a cowardly lion is no match
for me
I was born year of the dragon
My soul came prepared
but thanks for the story, man
I am grateful for every lie, every smirk,
every knife in my back, 
every spine-stealing intention that I easily
I will use it all wisely
The Devil can only hold the power 
we give away

He gonna learn now 
about that four-letter word 
that he loves so much
And I wonder, then
will he take the time out
to look through his inner 
child’s eyes
at the wonder of the

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