Timothy Arliss OBrien

I Fucked God and I’d Do It Again

1. You Called Me Beautiful First.

We always flirted, and you said God had picked this friendship, me, for you.

If that’s not seduction, I don’t know what else it would be you did to me.

It’s insane how much we flirted in Bible college,

And I should have sucked your cock instead of Shane’s.

You always talked about showing me God’s love, but I wanted yours.

I dreamed for months of your love squirting hot wet into my mouth, and laying with you in the secret sweat that could’ve cost us everything.

But now your dumbass has a wife and nasty little crotch goblin.

And I’m sure Shane is still somewhere lying to himself, and luring in more secret sexual conquests to fulfill his need while trying not to blow his cover as a filthy religious heterosexual zealot.

Things could have been different if we had just quit pretending and stopped lying to god and ourselves.

Thanks for nothing.

2. Dust in the Hull of a Ship.

Dusty left a violence in my heart I can’t scrub.

There’s no way to mop away his soot and pretend that friendship didn’t fuck me up.

The “Belief Lovers” cling to their holy books in their boats and spit onto those below them,

And being better than others is such an isolating lowly place I don’t understand how they mistake heaven for the hell they live in inside their hearts.

I am holy, and beautiful, created in God’s image,

Even when I’m tripping acid slurping on dick after dick and shoving my cock in some cum thirsty twinks for hours.

God is now dead and if we need miracles we have to be our own saints. 

3. Fuck God

I killed god and I’d do it again.

I fucked his lifeless body and swallowed all his cum.

I sit on his throne and masturbate on all his children.

I’ve burned all his books and given myself tattoos with all the ashes.

I am heaven now and when you die you enter my orgasm.

Don’t try to save me because at this point you should worry more about your own salvation.

You’re a hypocrite, no one will love your homophobic little black heart, and you will never know god.

Be cursed for all eternity and when you are cold in the dirt I’ll have a little orgy and give myself a golden shower on your grave.


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