Tia Mitsinikos

The Sixth Dimension

What a perfectly queer place
This planet we inhabit
The ludicrous, fortuitous cocktail of elements
And precise proximity to our insignificant star
And here we are

Infinite possibilities swirling in the cosmos
Every whim an alternate universe
How can one decipher the most
Optimal course from the worst
Path to traverse?

The answer is in the crackle and pop upstairs
How appropriate that the most defining feature
Of Homo sapien sapiens, man twice wise,
Is the least understood

In the animal kingdom,
The concept of altruism
Is when an organism acts
Selflessly for the benefit of another

This is explained by kin selection
The need to pass on one’s genes
For the survival of the species

The human race need not be so concerned
So be warned
Behind every kind act is a reward
Donating all your worldly possessions
May seem charitable
And indeed it is

But the resulting pat-on-the-back
And self-satisfaction
Is no coincidence

Is there even such a thing
as true altruism?

Shit, I’ll come clean
I’m just a dope fiend
Jonesing for some dopamine
Going all in for seratonin
Endorphin Tunnel Vision
Brain screaming
“For the win”

Like mice in a lab
Neglecting their physical needs
To drink, to feed

Coming again and again
For the pleasure button
We’re just animals on a track
For that neurotransmitter crack

So when faced with questions like
Why are we here?
How am I going to get by?
I got one answer for you:

I’m just trying to get high

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