Jack Henry

that time i worked in the adult film industry 

fresh out of high school 
work for a band going nowhere 
girl named Candy 
tells me about a job 


certain inadequacies preclude 
me from front of the camera work 
but a lie about being tech savvy 
and literate gets me in 
an editing room 

hours are my own 
no one asks or cares or 
wonders if i really know 
what i am doing 
and i don’t but i meet 

features, shorts, loops, 
it’s all the same 

any clown can edit 
video on a fast computer 

write blurbs, promotional 
one pagers, fake reviews  
on tedious blog pages 
no one reads 

meet the girls, the guys, 
spend time on set 
find myself dreaming 
of the days working 
with the band on 
Sunset Blvd 
or reading Dostoevsky 
or loading trucks 
12 hours a day 

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