Donna Dallas

Regretful Wretch

Hold on Dark Lord – when I brimmed
with your eggs
open legged and wild-eyed
I moved soooo fast then
now I’m slowed to a dumb
old mess
why didn’t you make me
your vampiress 
while I oozed with potent venom and froth
you lifted me up
shared my blood with
your dark angels only to
drop me
as I fell I realized I would break
(thanks…for nothing)
into a thousand pieces
(and I did)
some old hag 
swept me into a plastic bag
tried to glue my parts
I came back
all fack-yacked 
an awful science project gone awry
I begged
to be put out of my misery
howled for you…… 
your icy cold fingers poke me
your horsemen scream a laughter
that shatters through my days
I swear I didn’t swear
if I did……………………. 
my fingers were crossed

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