Daniel S. Irwin

Johnny Cash Sang

In the old song,
Johnny Cash sang that
He took a shot of cocaine
And shot his woman down.
Now, that just ain’t right.  
He musta been doin’
Something wrong.
If you do a proper shot of coke
You ain’t doin’ mucha nothin’ 
For a while.  Just kickin’ back 
Goin’ with the feelin’ and
Not even givin’ a shit that
Your woman’s no good.
Hell, you ain’t even gonna
Make it to work if you got a job.
You don’t even give a shit
‘Bout the curtains fluttering
By the ashtray catching fire.
It’s a free light show and 
When you come down enough,
You might manage to escape.
Best you can do is float out 
Onto the front lawn enjoyin’
The lay in the cool grass.
The ambulance guys come and
Give you oxygen and that
Makes you laugh just before
You up chuck all last night’s
Pizza and beer.

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