John D Robinson

After the Second Date

‘You’re fucking nuts! You know that?’
Fucking crazy!” she screamed at me:
it was 07:30 and I had to make it
into work within the hour:
‘I don’t know what the fuck you’re
talking about, but whatever the fuck
it is, forgive me’ I said:
‘You should feel ashamed of yourself’.
she said:
‘I do’ I replied:
‘You can’t even remember what you
did and said last night, can you?’
she shrieked at me: it was true:
‘No’ I said:
‘Well, you’re soon find out’ she said
‘and if you’re looking for your shoes
you’ll find them in the freezer
where you put them last night!’
she turned and made for the
bathroom as I stumbled
towards the kitchen.

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